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Health Plan Specifications

CashBack Guarantees

Employers Association Inc., CashBack supplement guarantees you will receive cash back each year in either benefits or refunds. The exact amount is based on your census and plan benefits. When a plan combines the low cost to employees of no deductible and low or no co-pays and the lower cost to employers of CashBack opportunities, coupled with tax savings, both employers and employees benefit.

Doctor Choice With Low or No Co-Pays

CashBack options allow you to provide your people with the most sought after option - complete doctor choice with no deductible and low or no co-pays. Properly designed plans allow you to enjoy savings and pass on the advantages of quality care. This care gives you and your people time to talk to a doctor you trust and understand, anytime - anywhere!

Clinic style plans that hinder, delay or deny ongoing care, specialized treatment, or any other necessary care are counterproductive and may lose key people when they or their dependents need care.

By providing doctor choice, doctor error and resulting malpractice problems can be reduced. Second opinions not only save lives but help avoid wrong diagnosis and extra surgeries. Doctor choice increases peace of mind as well as health outcome results. This improves morale, attracts and hold employees. This is especially true when coupled with low or no co-pays which save employees from those unexpected expenses that ruin budgets.


Provider discounts can average 30 to 40%. These are now your savings which allow you to cut costs or increase benefits.

The insurance company passed on some of these savings to you in lower premiums. Employers Association, Inc. gives you lower premiums plus the savings. This allows you to increase benefits and receive cash back because now YOU get the discounts.

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