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We take care of problems and promote success!

The pharmacist couldn’t get a prescription to go through to the RX card company and was making the client pay in full. The client called us. Employers Association, Inc. was able to contact the RX card company and got it straighten out before the client left the pharmacy!

One our clients has recently been diagnosed with cancer. His wife sent us the following note

“Thanks for doing such a great job with all of these medical bills! I’m about to lose my mind keeping track of all of these. I don’t know how you guys do it, especially the hospital bills. Your efficiency has eased my mind through this ordeal.”

Employers Association, Inc. can help our clients with various problems. For instance a client of ours called very upset because they received a medical bill with a balance. After reviewing the individuals account we noticed the medical claim in question had already been processed and paid. We asked our clients employee to send us everything she had gotten so that we could contact the provider. The amount in contention was the contractual discount from the insurer which the provider wanted our client to pay. After discussion and correspondence the provider wrote off the balance. But without intervention they could have been as easily sent collection notices.

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